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 This summer are you dreaming of going to a luxurious hotel? 

 Well today is your lucky day, cause not that far away in Berlin, we 

 have a fantastic hotel rated five stars from the royal highness   herself from Scotland. 

 If you’re hoping to bring your kids, and have some alone time. 

 We are proud to offer our latest offers, such as: 

 For the kids:

  •  Arts and crafts 
  •  Bumper car fun for kids and adults 
  •  Play dough fun 


  •   Swimming & Paddling pools for tiny tots    

  Experience the best adventures for the adults who get 50%off: 

  •   Free baking classes 
  •   Pool time & 25% off spa’s time : midnight to midnight
  •   Free fishing lessons 
  •   Bingo games  

  And sunlit beaches with sun-beds and umbrellas.  

  Reasons of why this is a good place to go for a relaxing holiday with your family:

  •   Easy to navigate 
  •   Close to the city center 
  •   Children eat for free
  •   £1 entry passes  

  In our exquisite hotel, we have been getting fantastic reviews from 

  Guests of honor,’ This hotel is absolutely fantastic, me and  my family has had the best ever holiday in our entire lives! ‘from Elizabeth Kandinsky.

  We offer private rooms up on top floors with beautiful balconies 

  With a great view of the glistening sea and the pier, we also offer 

  Free paddle boarding lessons and snowboarding at our famous dry-ski slope.

  Visit our website 

  Open on Sundays till Wednesdays for calls, 

  Just call 0316798451 and we’ll answer straight away!

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