Episode 3- a new crew member.

Episode 3- new crew member.

Someone or something was crawling up the side of the Night Shiner’s wooden hull. Lily, whose face was very pale, slowly took steps back. Troy rushed over to the edge of the night shiner peering down into the gloom.

“Oh I wonder what is making that noise?” he said curiously. His eyes were squinting, he could just about make out a little baby dragon.

“it’s a baby dragon, and he needs help. Troy quickly said trying to grab it.

“no what are you doing don’t let him on deck! Lily panicked. Troy ignored her and brought it on deck. Lily’s glasses almost fell of her face, but she placed them back on.

“Quick get a blanket its cold!” Troy demanded. The dragon let was shivering and whimpering.

Lily dashed off to see if there was a nice cozy blanket on board for the poor baby dragon.

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