Mushmander Under Threat by Lily H

The Mushmander is the result of a failed experiment that consisted of attempting to merge a Malamder with a mushroom.  It is closely related to the Apox; a descendant of the Squid and possesses the ability to wipe out towns in a matter of seconds.

Mushmanders are a breeze to recognise. Their distinctive scarlet scales are extremely easy to pinpoint in massive crowds; therefore making them an effortless target for poachers seeking scales from the Malamander descendants. They have crimson pools of blood for eyes that are a method for enticing young children into the water so they can lead them to the depths of the ocean where they’ll never be discovered. Scattered around their skin, are white patches of scales, this lead to the nickname ‘patchers’. Additionally, if met with danger, an instinct of theirs is to propel a flame out of their left nostril yet when content, it will emit from the right. Furthermore, they inhabit eerie shadows in woods since humankind typically hunt them for their precious scales.

Moreover, they can only survive in icy temperatures, so their standards can’t be higher than sitting directly in front of or adjacent to a freezer, fridge or cooler. An interesting fact about them, is that when any part of their body is wounded, a healing remedy will come to force and the graze will be cured in minutes. In addition, when relaxing on the beach in December, Mushmanders are forbidden from coming into contact with humans which isn’t much of a dilemma since you won’t find many humans sunbathing in Winter. Also, they can’t be found in Australia or anywhere alike as a consequence of the hot weather.Attachment.png

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