The Cowamander

The amazing Cowamander is a type of omnivore that likes to live in grassy fields. They are called Cowamanders because they live with wild cows in the summer. The Cowamander is a type of Salamander but it is a lot different.

This is a harmless creature that likes grass. They like grass because they think it’s warm even if it is Winter. They also blend in with the grass but only cows can see this beautiful green animal until it changes colour. It has a red pupil on it’s right but a blue pupil on it’s left. Fascinatingly, the Cowamander eats on a tiny creature that lives in the Antarctic Ocean call the Orcamander. The Orcamander is four feet long. The Cowamander can weigh up to 100,000 pounds!

This creature lives on football pitches. They can’t be seen on it because they can turn into any shade of green. That’s why when a football player kicks the ball and it bounces. They also like fields not to do with football like a farm or a back garden. The animals doesn’t harm any humans unless threatened. It can be tamed very easily so if you go to the farm look out for and red no blue eye.

The issue to this fascinating creature is crickets! Shockingly, when there is crickets it bites the Cowamander and it turns into a beautiful purple colour. Although it looks cool, it is being poisoned and it with probable be mooing because it alerts the farm or owner that it’s in pain. Luckily, the creature does only feel the pain for a minute or so.

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