The Orcamander is known for being the friendliest mander to ever exist on planet earth.

It looks like a orca if it was pink with blue stripes. it does have gills however unlike it’s cousin the orca. It’s teeth are like circles so it can’t really chew on anything or hurt anything. Surprisingly, the
The Orcamander has arms like a turtle and all they do is push anything that is in its way out of its way.

The Orcamander lives in the Antarctic Ocean and it can live in the south, the west, the east and the north. They live in big holes or caves so the entire family can fit in. The orcamander,s diet is a mostly herbivore diet but they won’t turn down fresh meat on its own unguarded. But they mostly eat seeweed and plankton. They are actually Very shy towards humans and other sea life and will only come out of hiding if gave food.

The only problem that it has is that great white sharks feed on their children nearing them to extinction.

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  1. 1. I like the idea of the Orcamander.
    2. How did you get the idea?
    3. You made it confusing!

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