Skyship adventure part 1

67020 skyship launched at the EWS warehouse. Jake and Liam were the drivers, they went up 30,000 feet cruising for a little bit before Liam recommended eating. The crew felt relaxed after eating, they watched a bit of tv but then Liam and Jake noticed something was wrong. The lights flickered then suddenly there was a loud bang then suddenly lights were off… 

Liam brought a flashlight they went to the deck of the skyship then they observed something they had to rub their eyes a few times to believe what they are viewing. It was a warrior swine (it is another word for pig) but not only they see one swine they saw a whole army of swine and what happened next would, possibly cause a lifetime injury…  

The swine took down the skyship with a rocket launcher and it made a BANGGG!!! They crash landed in the barking woods. 


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