Skyship Adventure Part 1

Skyship Adventure Part 1 


Joshua jumped up and down excitedly because his friend Sally arrived in the skyship to his house. The airship landed in front of him he jumped in very dangerously. Then Sally excitedly shouted “are you ready to take of?” Joshua replied with “yes I am.” So then they took of into the night sky. Joshua was very excited he was screaming “I’m flying!”. 

They were in the sky flying. Joshua was tensing he got a bit scared so was Sally they were both really scared. Joshua was scared because he has never been in the skyship before it was a bit scary. Sally was not scared at all now because she was confident in herself. Because she remembered when she was younger her dad used to take her on rides in it so she was very excited now to be able to drive it for the first time ever. That is another reason that Joshua is scared because he did not trust Sally because it was her first time flying and her dad is not on the skyship with them. 

Without warning the wind picked up a lot and the skyship was wabbling side to side and it was also wabbling front and back. Joshua was really scared he was screaming from the top of his lungs. Sally lost control of the weel the bout it was flying though the air heading down it was going to hit the ground and break.  it did it crashed to the floor and it broke sally was really sad so was Joshua.  

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