Skyship Adventure Parts 1 and 2

Part 1

The ESSS went up in the sky with a rumble, shaking the ground and making Joe and Rosie hold on to each other for their lives. Joe and Rosie jumped into the ship with a huge leap. Down below, they could see the Loyal Land Forest and a monkey in the top of the trees. As they flew over the mountains, and they could see a huge flock of birds ahead, so they shouted to the captain “Watch out – birds!” But he could not hear them and all the birds started attacking the ship. Suddenly the ship started to fall, spiralling down and down for what felt like a few minutes. The captain fought with the wheel and managed to control the ship just in time. Then, with a thud it landed on End Island.  

On the island they jumped out the ship and Rosie went to check the engine. It turned out there was a bird that had got stuck in the engine and it was completely jammed so Rosie got her tool kit out to try to fix the propellor and Joe went to look around. 

Part 2 

End Island was a dark place with white blocks all over the floor which looked a bit like cheese with tall. In the distance, there were some mysterious black figures with vibrant purple eyes. It was very creepy and suddenly tall purple pillars sprouted up from the ground with a great rumble. Joe walked in the other direction until he came to a stop. Above him was a dark gloomy midnight sky. 

 Then he heard a great screech from behind. Turning around Joe gasped in horror. 

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