Sophie Hastings – Thursday 24th February 2022 – Diary Entry – An Encounter

Last night, I had encountered the most strangest thing! As I was sauntering around the stone walls that lay in front of Troon Beach I had noticed something. I noticed that all of the Seagulls had left their stone perks and Crabs were fleeing the ocean. 


 After a while, the sky’s had turned black and the ocean waves ferociously grasped my feet. I stepped back as it grew colder and buttoned up my yellow rain coat to gain heat.


I grew curious of the darkened seashells that covered the beach with their beauty. They were the only things that had remained on the beach,

Or so I thought.  

Suddenly, I caught the stench of rotten koi fish and Sargassum seaweed.


The winds grew stronger as I peered towards the sea. A slender body emerged from the waves but this was no ordinary body. It crawled towards me as it screeched with every move it made. Along its head trailing towards its back grew sharp talons the size of a new born baby. Its tail, long and sharp, ended with a clear web, Its hands also grew clear webs with bent fingers digging and scraping into the sand. Its ghostly eyes peered at me as it screamed in pain, slowly crawling towards me. 


Cautiously, I neared towards the creature, noticing its features with every step I took. 

Curiously, I reached out to the beast and turned my head in fear but by the time I turned my head back, it was gone. 


Silently, I slowly walked away from the scene, deep in thought thinking about what had just happened. After a while I had finally made it home. What had I just saw? 

Where the sightings True? Was this a Malamander?

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