The Lizamander- by Ella

                                           The Lizamander

The Lizamander is a species of Malamander. Even though there names sound the same they are not much alike. A Lizamander can be found inside small gaps of a pantry or in the slits in of a trolley (where you put the coin). It is unlikely too spot one but if you do you are very lucky as they do not come out often. There have only been a handful of sightings after the first time it was found in 1873.

The Lizamander is very small normally but can grow to an unusually big size. It can shape-shift and is very sneaky. They are not recommended as a pet as they are so small. If you wind them up they will grow to an unusually big size and the scales on their back grows. As a result they will most likely hurt you. Normally, when they are happy they are a light shade of pink but they can change colour normally based on their mood or when a human walks into the pantry. Also it has suckers on the bottom of its feet which helps them crawl across unusual places to be unseen by the prying eyes of human.

The reason they live in trolleys and pantries is to feed on the food but they have to be careful not to eat too much or the humans will become suspicious. Since they become so big they eat a lot. This causes them to have to migrate to a different house, shop, town, city or even country! Unlike most animals the Lizamander can live up to 1000 years! A Lizamander will disguise as a different animal and sneak into a pet shop so you can buy it! They do this to get into your house and eat your food. If you want to stay careful from the Lizamander then listen up because if their eyes go green when you touch them do NOT buy.

They are under-threat because humans hunt them for their meat as they think there tasty this means that the Lizamanders are very few. The public need to help by taking them under there care. Hide them in dustbins, in old bottles anywhere where hunters can’t find them but remember to feed them!

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