As I was strolling across the beach with my friend a strange looking creature was waiting for me .As I approached  I smelt something fishy and smelly ,I heard a large bang it was the loudest thing to ever be known it was a footsteps of a giant I felt really scared I was thinking how to survive because it was the Malamander . I ran and ran and ran so fast until I spotted a tower I creeped to the tower . The Malamander   walked past looking for me .I went in the tower to the top floor .the Malamander  was about 50 foot nine It was bigger than the tower I would in the cupboard so that the Malamander did not see me my friend is behind the tunnel .I was there until I found out I had a shovel so I secretly dug a hole and the Malamander  fell  but he got out and chased us. We  hid in the shop and the malamander fell and the Malamander planned to throw a bomb at us and he killed  over 20,000 people.

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