The sky ship adventure


Jean screeched to Josiah who was reading a book next to the helm, “WHAT?, BUT I CANT” He shouted across to Jean frantically, he jumped to the helm “BE CAREFUL, HOLD TIGHT” Jean barked at everyone .The ship shuddered as it swung to its left and a raging hurricane missed it by a meter  “NOT BAD” she said while rushing up to Josiah “you should practice more often “but you don’t let me” “oh… I will from now on.”. The dragon roared as it charged at the ship.

The dragon struck the ship with a massive claw and swiped a piece of the deck off,it hurled it past them as Jean observed, it had landed in the ocean “oh no, if we drop down we’ll land in the sea and sink to the bottom” Jean thought to herself. The thunder clouds had reached them and a lightning bolt  ballon as they passed through. They had lost the dragon but what outcome would’ve been worse?

The ballon plummeted to the water (well as they thought) the crew sat in fear. The hole slowly grew bigger and bigger… even worse,They were racing with the rain to the ground.

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