Venolaga Adventure

Episode 2

Annaleisa peered at the skyship in horror “Larcus what are we going to do now?” He slowly shrugged his shoulders and sighed. With a jolt they got up and looked around to make sure the crew were ok. First, they went to the cabin everyone in there was ok and then they checked everywhere else and there was only one person who didn’t make it his name was Jimmy Marmite Mustard. They had a few spare death bags, so they zipped him up in one then had a minute silence. Then carefully surveyed the ship for damage they found a tare in the tough balloon, a hole in the fragile front and a smashed window but other than that everything was fine. So, Captain Salina Maggie Salad-cream ordered everyone to do different jobs some had to collect sticks from the nearby forest others had to find glass under the deck and the rest of them had to find leather or dragon skin somewhere.


Anna as Larcus called her looked around and saw in the far distance Oram Regina. The wind was still strong as a rhino leading its herd to safety, but the sun shining as bright as a brand-new lightbulb. As they looked around the outside of the ship, they saw a cave it was gloomy, dark and they heard a noise…

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