Chapter 3

As they stood in the direction of the sound, they saw a sudden movement behind a tree. Georgies face turned pale and he was froze to the spot. Protectively, Bill stared in pure shock, pulling Georgie behind him. His Hazel green eyes stared with unwavering confidence whilst he slowly approached the tree.


All of a sudden, a particular creature peered out from the side of the tree. “Aaah” shouted Georgie jumping back in shock. “What is that?

“Shush G-Georgie, you w-will scare i-it.” Whispered Bill. Georgies slim body started to tremble and his hands started to shake. Georgie reached into his pocked of his yellow rain coat and held onto Bills arm tightly so he could regain his balance.


“Does that pixie bite?” asked Georgie. Bill smiled and reached to pick up the mysterious nymph safely. “Its w-wing” said Bill. “Its cracked.”

“We should head back to the airship.” exclaimed Georgie as they retraced their steps back to the damaged vessel. “We might find something their to treat her poor wing” said Georgie desperately searching for a place to hide her once they were back on board.


Descending down stairs, Bill found a perfect spot to make a tiny bed under s trunk. “Quick! Down h-here!” Shouted Bill to Georgie. Georgie reached up to  the cupboards and found a kit with bandages in and medicine. “I found some supplies!” shouted Georgie whilst running down the steps.


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