The SkyShip ( S.S Control )

Something was running around their area, something extremely fast… Mabel ran to the side of the ship, but Mason backed up while he held onto his cap. She looked around, “ Mason you gotta see this!” Mabel picked up the creature and brought it over to Mason. “Shoo! Go away! “ He said, scared. The creature flicked its scruffy, blonde hair and then jumped down landing on its bare feet. “Mason you scared it!” Mabel said, angry at Mason. “It’s a monster Mabel!” He replied, gripping onto his cap harder. Mason then placed his cap back onto his fluffy, brown hair. Mabel decided to take care of the creature, who looked like an Owl Gnome. “Your wounded! “ Mabel ran off to grab some bandages for the wound, leaving Mason and the Owl Gnome alone. Mason slowly crept up to the Owl Gnome, he then friended it. “ Maybe your not so bad. “ Mason said, holding the gnome. Suddenly, the Owl Gnome sneezed leaving particles of mist around them. Mason the yawned, falling into a sleep. Mabel came out with a first-aid kit. “Mason look! “ She then paused abruptly. Looking at Mason on the ground, she kept on shouting “MASON WAKE UP!”

Masons unconscious body laid on the ground with the Owl Gnome trying to wake him up. What will Mabel do now?

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