Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Something small cautiously emerged out of the bushes :it was a baby dragon.  Jacob put his hand on the ground coaxing it to climb onto it. It crept onto his hand shivering .”I need to take this little fella to safety, but first I need to get that gas can.” He held the can in one hand and he dragon in the other, as he ran to the Demon slayer{the skyship}. The tiny creature whined softly as it attemped to speak. It snuggled into Jacob’s arms, getting more comfortable. Its light blue eyes stared into Jacob’s.

”What is that!” Jeremiah screeched. Jeremiah turned whiter than paper, fear consumed his whole body gluing him to the ground. Trembling, he cowered behind the counter whilst Jacob confidentily cooed over the creature.

”Why are you scared-it’s just a baby! It’s not gonna kill you .”Said Jacob

”Now get me some bandages it’s injured. What you staring at GO” said Jacob

Jeremiah got the bandages he looked at it

”Maybe it’s not that bad I can keep calm with this but why does it have…BLOOD!” Jeremiah screeched. The scales of the baby dragon were was congealed in blood: the creature lay there quivering.

What will happen next?




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