Chapter 3- The Golden Stargrazer

Suddenly, the temperature seemed to drop and a rustling sound whispered through the palm trees, as the swift movement turned into a fierce one, Sam froze as he gazed into the darkness. Violet always the brave one, ran towards the tawny palm trees but stopped dead in her tracks as sparks of fire pierced the night. She leapt back in the shock every hair on her body sprung up.

At that moment, a tiny, pale orange nose peered out of the bushes. Its eyes were like the depths of the earth and its body, an obsidian colour. “Sam!” Violet cried, “This looks mythical!!!”                                            “What ?” Sam wailed as he nibbled onto a chicken sandwich. He stared at Violet, the iridescent moon giving his sky blue eyes a silver glint. “Fine.” Sam groaned tossing his blonde hair. It took him ages but eventually, he got through the rubble. Meanwhile, Violet held the creature tight, ” I’m going to help you little guy.” Although Sam was running to Violet, he took ages so Violet began to walk closer to Sam. When Sam finally got to Violet, his face lit up. “Violet , that’s a phoenix, ” Sam exclaimed ” they ‘re fire – birds and their supposed to be extinct!”.

When they got closer to the deck, Sam raced to get a shiny cloth cast in diamonds to wrap the baby phoenix. “I am going to call you Phoebe Phoenix.” She whispered. Sam sped back as fast as lighting with the warm blanket its tiny diamond glistened band glowed like tiny stars. As the baby phoenix was wrapped in the blanket, its obsidian skin start to warm up. Sam and Violet hugged it while exchanging worried glances since, they didn’t spot any injuries. It suddenly dawned on them that rescuing this creature may have not been a bad idea…

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