The information of the Catmanders

These dangerous Catmanders can be dangerous in a variety of ways.It’s closely related to the Malamander,but they act mildly different.


The large,red eyes stare deep into your soul,powerful ears that can sense whatever it wants from a whole country away! But beware it’s cuteness can turn into a nightmare, a horrible,horrible nightmare as it’s three tails can swing at you like metal chains and their claws as sharp as butcher knives which will pierce through your delicate skin.WARNING!:every razor sharp fur on their body holds poison!


It eats the vicious Piranhas with their vampire-like teeth,what they do is they suck out all the blood then they eat the remains (meat and bones).On special occasions they eat children from 13-16 and sharks.But for some unknown reason they seem to be friends with the Blobmander.These Catmanders are no ordinary cats as they live in both land and water.The Catmanders give itself a waterproof cover so it doesn’t get wet when it goes underwater this happens when they groom themselves.If for some reason they feel like being hunted they go underwater and find a place to hide so it doesn’t be killed.


A main concern is that children have gone missing since the first sighting in an abandoned building.On the other hand,the Catmanders are being hunted for their fur to be put onto weapons.The public are unsure what to do,please give us advice.

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