Salamander in Danger!

Salamander in Danger!


The salamander is a type of amphibian, closely related to a reptile. This creature has an elegant body;a long, slimy tail and short limbs. On the other hand, this salamander has no lungs, or gills but can breathe on both water and land.


This salamander is matte black and has glowing red eyes. It’s red eyes lets it see in the dark and let them hypnotise their prey. They have long, lanky arms that help it move around because they have no legs but a lengthy trail that it leaves behind.


These creatures are mostly found in the deep depths of humid caves where there is water nearby. They like to play amongst rock pools, ponds and waterfalls. The salamanders like to eat brine-shrimp, bloodworms and frozen night crawlers. As well as white worms, tubifex worms, crickets and mealworms. They can also eat greenarage.


The salamanders are at threat! The Sidemen (youtubers), Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce have all donated to a fundraiser to save these creatures. We should not let them die from their habitats being rewend!


By Jada.

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  1. Very Good Description of the Salamander!
    Why are they a threat?
    Try not to make it too unrealistic towards the end.

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