Foxamander in danger!

Foxamander in danger!


The foxamander is a variety of fox, closely related to the red fox that roams the area of Eerie-on-Sea. Unlike the fox, the foxamander possesses both fins and paws so that it can live in the sea or on land.


Foxamanders are easy to identify. They have large tails (not like the average fox). These tails are a dark blue colour so that it blends into the cold water. The tail is very strong and acts both as camouflage as well as a deadly weapon. If under any threat, the foxamander retreats from the area however, rarely they will choose to attack. Furthermore, the foxamander has green fur and a shiny, blue tail.


These magical creatures live in sandy areas, well away from human hotspots. They are curious and divide their time between adventuring the ocean, scavenging for food and sleeping peacefully. This means its uncommon to find one and if anyone dares to approach or encounter it, they flee to the water. The Foxamander is a carnivore so it mostly eats fish, rabbits, ducks and chickens. Sailors used to call foxamanders ‘ the merfox’ (or the fishfox) because of its mermaid-like tail and the way it swims.


It is of considerable concern that the legendary foxamander is under threat. Many countries around the world agree that eating their flesh is a delicacy and that they contain magical properties. The society for protection of foxamanders is creating a campaign to inform the public about these magnificent creatures and to ensure they are not being cruelly overfished or hunted. If you would like to contribute to our campaign, please sign the petition on David Attenborugh is our society’s patron and says that we should, ‘work together to save these beautiful creatures and make sure they do not go extinct’.


By Freya

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