A couple hours later the baby dragon got tiered and fell asleep on the edge of the shyship. Mariana put him in a blanket and he was so comfy after some time. They heard scratching not “Again ty said” Looking down strangely saying “there is nothing there” then they here it again. Looking down as they see a shadow. Of a mummy dragon shouting for her baby as the dragon came on the skyship and tears dripping down her eye as she hugged her baby. Her eyes was violet two over dragons came on the skyship all of them had the same coulure

 eyes. As the small dragon ty and Mariana fought the over dragons was his family. And the baby dragon was the baby dragon missed his family. They was so cute together as they leave taking the baby dragon with them he missed then so much ty and Mariana was sad that he had to go. Then they see the dragon flying in the sky with his family as the watched the dragons playing together in the sky Mariana and ty was so happy to see them together and that they found there baby dragon.

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