The emerald eye

Several hours later, the rest of the crew came back. They patched up the sky-ship and went on their way. They followed the stars and went back to their village, Milo. Ty stood alone on the ship’s deck thinking about if the rest of the crew would find the baby dragon. Marianna went and stood with Ty, while her hair blew in the breeze. “Are you alright?” She said. Ty said nothing. At that moment, the captain walked over to them “You too should go to bed otherwise you are going to be imagining things!” He ordered. Soon enough, they both fell asleep.

Ty jumped up, hearing the thunder come crashing down and the wind howling like a wolf at full moon. Ty tried to fall asleep but at that moment he heard a horrifying screech. He got out of bed shaking in fear. Ty opened the door for where the ladder was and peered out of it. He saw an emerald eye glare at him. Ty closed the door as fast as possible and rushed to Marianna.  “Wake up Marianna!” He whispered. She opened her eyes halfway and looked a Ty. “What?” she groaned “I saw the dragon’s mum!” He whispered. Marianna shot up followed Ty. He opened the door for the ladder and showed Marianna. As there was nothing there Marianna went back to bed. Ty followed Marianna back to bed. He hugged his teddy from when he was a baby and fell asleep

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