The Night Shift

Chapter 1 

My name is Gregory and i was inside a place named Freddys Pizza Place and i saw loads of animatronics like Moondrop,Sundrop,Freddy,Monty,Roxxan and Chica and it was night and at night time there was loads of bots guarding the place but the change is at night time these creatures come alive. Did you know Freddy is Williem Afton and under this type of devil place there is the old Freddys Pizza Place. Did you know that when Sundrop was a child he was bullied for being rude and dumb and everyday his mum told him to stop being like this and clean his room and stop doing things that your not allowed to do. So now when you go inside his fun place he will tell you to keep the place clean and do not turn the lights off because he would turn into Moondrop and kill people.WARNING this place does have flashing lights and you could die so dont turn the lights off . Freddy has a open part inside him so you can go in his body. Hold on they are coming and the lights are off. AHHHHHHH…

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