Chapter 1

My name is Michael De Santa and I work at the Grand Nautilus Hotel. But most people call me MD. I am the person that invented the famous gold luxury steak (which is expensive) and also comes any sauce you would like. It is the best steak in the world but not many people buy it for some reason.

Right when I was cooking food then, I saw a boy at the window and mouthed the words “Please let me in!” I was wondering if I should, so I did. But also he stared right into my soul which creeped me out and made me think “Something’s not right about this boy.” So I tried to forget it but I couldn’t.

After I let him in I told him a story about the city we’re in is a dangerous city because back in the 1980’s many murder’s and robberies happened but at that time no one was rich everyone was poor and lonely. In 1981 the city was a small town and the murder’s stopped for awhile. 1986 explosions started to occur around the town but it did stop. In 1989 this town became a whole city and it was the most famous city in the population of Earth. 

Some time later after I told the story I was encouraged to tell the boy where his parents were and he didn’t answer. Then I asked where do you live? He also didn’t answer so I thought he was an orphan.

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