(Sky stuck)

(Sky stuck)

They were born on a Sky-ship before they had to evacuate. Their Mother accidentally left them on the ground and sadly Dad couldn’t evacuate in time. They were only two years old and had no protection.

They evacuated safely, even that there dad died and they arrived at a village called the ninja village because everyday it was very stealth and windy and they lived there.Up till today they can’t find there mum.

So they went on a journey in a sky ship.

   They are crash-landing. They’re been attacked by sky dragons and their ship has run out of electricity and the weather is very windy. So they abandoned the ship and jumped but before that they put a ship mind controlling gps, that could charge the ship and when it is on a reasonable percent,they could locate it or bring it to them and could turn the ship invisible,so that is what they did.

    They crash landed in a place called ninja village. It was so windy and cold. They looked around and they saw shrunken’s and ninja masks so they became frightened but not really cause they had powers.

    They started running until they got to ninja village. So they asked a man if they could spleen at his house overnight.

    In the morning they woke up and found themselves in an unknown place. I can smell danger-max said,run!! replayed John.

After getting to a safe place breathing-heavily. They heard a sound,max working softly and then shouted it’s a baby dragon. It must have falling cause of the wind. It’s hurt,they took the baby-dragon in.Go get a super-potion to heal it’s wounds – Max said.

All night the wind blew. Alone, mam clogs into the ship. Wind blew to the expense that their ship could blow away. Max shivered. How long can we fly on. At that moment max hears a low screaming noise. Silently a raged bird appeared . Max gulped. Could it be a lam bird. Quiet moment. They fainted.

When they woke up,the sun was shining bright. They were safe.

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