Chapter 2 I’ve seen it By Seth SWW Y6

Chapter 2

We both sit down, waiting. Curious, I ask, “What did you see?” Outside, the wind howled, and a sudden rumble of thunder appears. Before she even responds to my question, I think I might know what she’s about to say. I am correct. She says that she has spotted the chickenmander.

Around twenty five minuets later, we stand together on the abandoned, sketchy shingle beach, retracing Barbra’s steps. I regret my decision; as we carry on going. I would have preferred to lay in my soft bed, the radiators roaring with heat and my duvet blanketed over my cold body. Instead, the powerful wind is whipping against my face as I try to carry on. The sea was darting up at us and a distant lightning strike behind us.

Slumber-on-Sea was miserable and ruined Mr John’s surfboard shop and Mrs grans ice-cream parlour is wrecked Mr chips fish and chips shop’s boxes and rappers were scattered all over the floor and Mr John’s surfboard were shattered all over the floor.

Barbra pulls me towards the arcade; we spot something. A soft feather strait from the chickenmander’s chest. Also, webbed footprints covered the beach. I can smell the rotten scent of the creature’s breath and can hear the groans of its screeching voice.

Scared to make a sudden movement, we step into the arcade and sneak inside. In the blink of an eye, the raging wind’s gust blasts towards us slamming the door shut making an ear-splitting noise and shattering the glass onto the sapphire carpet. Across the room, something breaths softly almost impossible to hear. We peered into the darkness, scared. “Is anything even here?”

Silently, Barbra gently tip-toes through the arcade, shacking with fear. She wasn’t cold, (even though it was a bit chilly.) I could just make out that something was off. Something pauses and then stares at me. It is about to attack Barbra.

Outside, the lightning rips open the sky, illuminating it, but inside the chickenmander crouches, looking behind it and strait at Barbra. Then, it leaps through the giant gap inside of the demolished door. It then pauses, then stares at me its giant eyes the colour of a tiger. Then, it dives into the water with a giant splash.

By Seth SWW Y6

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