Onward! Full Story

Onward! – By Kyle – Full story.




You’ve probably been on an airship when the sun is blinding and the skies are crystal blue. Remember how it feels to see all the tiny villages and people down below while you are chilling above the clouds.


I bet you’ve enjoyed relaxing on an airship, while the pilot is flying you to the place you love. Knowing that once you get there, you can relax for several days or weeks


But you should also try a journey when lightning dances around you, while the winter winds travel at whopping speeds. When the thunder thumps and crackles like a grenade at your feet. When the engines break and the ballon flattens that’s when an airship journey is not so much fun..


And some say they’ve seen sky snakes, waiting for an easy target, waiting to attack. You probably won’t believe this but some say that there are sky goblins with claws as sharp as daggers that can tear ANYTHING!


Chapter 1 – Attacked


“PULL THE ROPES!” Shouted Jake. The airship was out of control. John pulled the ropes but it was no use. Sky goblins surrounded the ship. Jake gripped the railings. “HANG ON!” Exclaimed Captain Jim.


Captain Jim steered the airship. John loved this disaster but Jake hated it. Sky goblins were chasing them. The airship was going 110 MPH. “I am scared!” Shouted Jake. Captain Jim steered the airship into a storm cloud. Hiding from the sky goblins.


They were flying over Dino Forest. Lightning struck nearly hitting the half-broken airship. It started a forest fire in Dino Forest. Innocent birds were dying every second due to the airship. An engine broke. “WE’RE GONNA DIE!” Cried John. “WE WON’T!” Replied Captain Jim. They were flying over East Glassmo. Suddenly they saw something.


It was the sky goblins again! There were even more of them. Fire was everywhere. The ship was unstable. Smoke everywhere. Jake and John knew it was the end. The ship was plummeting slowly. Captain Jim was trying his best to steer the ship but he couldn’t control it. A sky goblin charged into the ship.


Chapter 2 – CRASH!


“PREPARE TO CRASH LAND!!” Shouted Captain Jim. The ship was plummeting at high speeds. The airship crashed right into the city square in Timeless Towers. “This is bad!” Exclaimed John. People were confused, they ran away. Did they escape the sky goblins?


In the city square, there were ruins. Jake and John were confused. The mayor came by.“Oh no, Big Bob is coming”. “JIM, WHAT THE BLOOMING HECK IS THIS!!??” “Bob, look I am sor-” “CLEAN THIS UP RIGHT NOW, OR I’LL KICK YOU OUT!!” “Boys, you will have to stay here yourself right now, I need to get repairs for this crash.” Jake and John decided to look around the city. They saw blinding billboards around the city. Cars across the streets were parked and the towers were towering over them. But there was an abandoned factory that looked as if it lay there for hundreds of years.


The ship was moaning it was in terrible condition. It was in terrible condition. It looked like a sunken pirate ship. The clock tower was ticking and the football game was on with fans screaming. Taxis were everywhere and the towers in Timeless Towers were the tallest in the world. Everyone was staring at John and Jake. You could smell the food everywhere around the city. It was always daytime here.


Captain Jim was away so that meant Jake and John could go wherever they want. They could go get tickets for the football game and they could taste the deliciousness of the food in Timeless Towers, or they could enter an abandoned factory? Jake and John decided to go to the abandoned factory. Was this a bad idea?


They saw red eyes coming from one of the machines…

Chapter 3 – New Member

Something was in the broken machine, Jake, whose cheeks turned red, shrank behind a wooden crate that was heavy. John ducked under the machine he saw dragon feet. “It’s a baby dragon, I think!” John said to Jake. John got the creature out of the machine. It was small, with crimson eyes. “It is a baby dragon!” John exclaimed to Jake. Jake came out of the wooden crate. He looked at the dragon with deep concentration. “It’s hurt!” Jake called. “It must have got hurt in the storm.” Replied John.


John found an ancient blanket beside the boarded window. He wrapped the dragon with it. Wondering if it would survive.


Chapter 4 – Escaped


A couple hours later, Captain Jim and the crew returned, they had patched the airships balloon. The airship lifted off and they were flying through the foggy sky. The baby dragon was able to fit onto the airship and it was fed and taken care of.


One hour later, a storm came. All night, the lightning danced around Jake. Alone, Jake gripped onto the railings tight. How much further could they get?

At that moment, Jake heard a deep whisper coming from below. Silently, a midnight shadow appeared. A crimson eye appeared. Jake looked in horror. Was it a sky snake?


John decided to come over. Jake peered over the railings again. IT WAS A SKY SNAKE!! John pulled out his iron sword and attempted to attack the snake. Jake ran into the captains cabin. “JIM, A SKY-SNAKE IS ATTACKING US!” Captain Jim ran out of the cabin, helping John to try to defeat the sky-snake. Captain Jim used his bow and arrow to kill it..


Jim was just able to kill it. He fed it to the baby dragon. “Boys, you need some rest for tomorrow.” They went into their cabin. They both fell fast asleep, dreaming of dragons and adventures.



Story by Kyle









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