Sky ship

                                                                 Sky Ship 

                             Chapter 1 

Jeff held on tight as the sky ship took off. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his sister, Steff, at the back of the ship waving to all the people on the dock. Jeff stood up once the sky ship had steadied. He walked up to the engine bay, where all the turning knobs made the engine run. Jeff cautiously turned a knob, but it was the wrong one… 

Out of the blue a red, fiery dragon came from the clouds but, to make matters worse, Jeff had pressed the power off button and he had no clue how to turn it back on. The dragon took a deep breath and a huge flame came out of its mouth. The ship caught fire but at that time Jeff found the button to turn the engine back on. As soon as it turned on it flashed red saying overheating. Luckily, they had loads of water on board and just managed to put it out and landed safely on the outskirts of Blighnoghon. 






                         Chapter 2 

All the locals stared at the sky ship out their windows. They got outside their houses and stared at this thing Jeff came out the engine room and to see where they had landed, they had landed in Blighnigton the poshest town on the island they had no clue it was so posh though. The is as posh as places in London all the people that lived there were billionaires and spoke like the queen. The Mair was Boris Jhonston after he got sacked for having lockdown parties. 










Chapter 3 


After a while of resting, they thought they should leave but the captain said she needed to fetch one more thing. Steff scratched her head thinking what to do, she had long straight black hair and chestnut brown eyes. Jeff and Steff were remarkably similar, and both had black hair and brown eyes, but Jeff had short hair. 

The captain came back thinking Jeff and Steff would have left. She was unsure about everything “Captain are you okay?” “Yes, yes, I am fine so that was that and they flew. 

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