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Sky ship

                                                                 Sky Ship 

                             Chapter 1 

Jeff held on tight as the sky ship took off. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his sister, Steff, at the back of the ship waving to all the people on the dock. Jeff stood up once the sky ship had steadied. He walked up to the engine bay, where all the turning knobs made the engine run. Jeff cautiously turned a knob, but it was the wrong one… 

Out of the blue a red, fiery dragon came from the clouds but, to make matters worse, Jeff had pressed the power off button and he had no clue how to turn it back on. The dragon took a deep breath and a huge flame came out of its mouth. The ship caught fire but at that time Jeff found the button to turn the engine back on. As soon as it turned on it flashed red saying overheating. Luckily, they had loads of water on board and just managed to put it out and landed safely on the outskirts of Blighnoghon. 






                         Chapter 2 

All the locals stared at the sky ship out their windows. They got outside their houses and stared at this thing Jeff came out the engine room and to see where they had landed, they had landed in Blighnigton the poshest town on the island they had no clue it was so posh though. The is as posh as places in London all the people that lived there were billionaires and spoke like the queen. The Mair was Boris Jhonston after he got sacked for having lockdown parties. 










Chapter 3 


After a while of resting, they thought they should leave but the captain said she needed to fetch one more thing. Steff scratched her head thinking what to do, she had long straight black hair and chestnut brown eyes. Jeff and Steff were remarkably similar, and both had black hair and brown eyes, but Jeff had short hair. 

The captain came back thinking Jeff and Steff would have left. She was unsure about everything “Captain are you okay?” “Yes, yes, I am fine so that was that and they flew. 

teeching live

Sky ship adventure 

Bob and Tay boarded the ship shakily they had never been on a ship this size before. They went into one of the corners of the ship and sat down and took a willy Woca chocolate bar out of there bag and consumed it in a matter of seconds. They soddenly flow up in the air and it made Tay’s sumac all taggled after that we started our journey, and we got into a clowned’s and you could barely see 5 feet Infront of you but we still went on. soddenly an announcement was made “breakfast will be served in 5 mints and again thacks for choosing crouch airlines have a nis…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkk “soddenly a lowed bang was herd at the back of the ship and They started to lose lift and you could hear the enchens being put at full power but it was now use the ship started to tare apart…  


Tay wock up in a taggle of debree” bob where are you now reply she stepped out  of the dbree and relist thay had landed in the most remot mutins in the wourd  


bob bob I’m over here he shouted he was black with soot and badly incerd we need to find help he said yes, she rilst there where 2 aircrafts I have found other people hoom have survived said Tay ok what now bob said well we decided that we are going futher in to the monuments tonight… 

Introduction to Voyager 13

Chapter 1 – Lost

Alby was in the navigation section of the ship his eyes fixed to the monitors; making sure nothing drastic happened. Meanwhile Beth was on the top deck screaming her head off with a smile painted on her face. “I can’t wait to meet Grandma, when are we going to get there!” was swimming through Beth’s mind. 

Out of the abyss, a storm consumed the ship. When Alby looked through a porthole and when he saw the grey looming clouds and blinding flashes of light, he ran to the top deck where rain was plummeting like hail, and yelled “Beth, we need to go downstairs!” “OK!” she replied. As the pair went down towards the lower decks, Alby noticed a buzzing, “Oh I wish it would stop,” thought Alby. The buzzing stopped, Alby’s heart leap, then the captain said through the speakers scattered around the aircraft “Please pay attention, there’s an unusually high heat signature on the left-wing deck three, I repeat there’s an unusually high heat signature on the left-wing deck three, please stop what you are doing and return to your personal cabins.” Since Alby and Beth shared a cabin, they walked together “Beth I’ll go to the monitor room and see what it is,” “No, I’m coming with you; I want to see for myself.” “OK.” sighed Alby. Every step he took it sent a shiver down his spine and each breath seemed like a silent scream. Then he heard scraping metal, abruptly the power went off. 

Beth said to Alby “Let’s be quiet so the ‘thing’ doesn’t hear us” “OK.” Alby whispered. As they ran in the direction of the monitor room, passing countless doors and entrances. Alby made out a distant murmur of somebody strolling around the sky ship. While the two were walking, they did not know that the ‘thing’ was set out in the direction of them but as the strolling got louder it became more recognisable that something was making way for them. “Beth, I think the ‘thing’ or whatever it is wants to kill us” when he said that the brother and sister made a run for it; not caring whether they made noise or not. 

“Wait, stop!” said a familiar voice “Isaac is that you?” Alby called out “Yes it’s me, Alby” answered Isaac, instantaneously a tall boy with, dark hair, came crashing into them. “You almost gave me a heart attack!” “Sorry Alby” “Well, anyway, we should be on alert; we don’t want the ‘thing’ to capture us or kill us” “So should we go to the monitor room or not?” asked Beth, Isaac and Alby both nodded. It turned that they were next to the monitor room; you could hear a slight whirring. “Let’s have look at the heat sensing monitors,” said Alby. When they got to the heat sensing monitors, they noticed something strange. Just like the captain said there was an oddly high heat signature “Isaac, Alby I’m seeing a red dot going around the cabins, do you see it too or am I just hallucinating?” Beth asked, “I see it too; do think that the ‘thing’ is going around stealing things,” Isaac said “the ‘thing’ is person or either machine and it is tricking us all so it or they can rob everyone” “Well I don’t think we should jump to conclusions so quickly with little facts” Alby stated “I agree with Alby, if we don’t know a lot we shouldn’t be accusing” said Beth. “I don’t agree with you two, though we should land the ship and find some help.” Isaac said “Yeah I don’t want to be running around with a monster on the loose” replied Beth. So, they went towards the pilot section. When they eventually got there somebody shouted, “Oi you’re not allowed in here so go away!” “We’re just here to tell you that someone’s running around pretending to be a crazy animal and we need to land and have an official or somebody like that to a proper look” Beth shouted back “Alright I’ll land a ship at Vilever” the person replied. It took a while to land but in the end they eventually landed with a thud. 

the aircraft

A life vest just in case we crash into the China Sea 

A watch to keep track of time 

A megaphone for if we have an emergency 

An oxygen mask with an oxygen bottle for if there is a fire I can breathe or if we go above 10000 feet 

Emergency food just in case we run out of food over the South China sea  

10 oxygen bottles for the crew, with masks 

A 50 pack of face masks, just in case someone gets Covid 19 

An Xbox series X with a great monitor and flat screen tv 

A generator for my Xbox series X with a great monitor + flat screen tv 

My pilots license just in case I get pulled over for speeding 


By Christopher 

Things to look for in an Airships’ Captain’s Cabin.

Things to look for in an Airships’ Captain’s Cabin

A pair of boots that let you fall through the air like a feather and jump over mountains.

Sunglasses that let you see in the dark, in case you’re lost at night.

A boat that’ll fix holes so you won’t have to worry about sinking.

Gloves that can pick up small or big things, handy if shrunk by a Hermit Goblin.

A picnic basket full of never ending cakes for avoiding hunger.

A magical piece of paper that draws what other people are thinking, useful in a game of chess.

A dictionary in nonsense for understanding old people and unwell lunkers.

A telescope that can look through disguises and invisible things.

The weirdest dragon


Her toes are as long as rulers and are very light blue.

The weirdest dragon has very bright rainbow scales. They are smooth and hard. They protect her.

Her wings are rainbow too and look like pine trees. They are big and beautiful.

The weirdest dragon has a very small mouth that blows sweets like candyfloss, chocolate and sweets.

Her tail is rainbow and very long and it swerves like the ocean.

Her ears are long and have a swirl on them and they are orange with the blue swirl on them. The end




The dragon of the depths

The water dragon explores the depths, of the Arctic ocean.

Her eyes glow a seaweed green colour when danger is near.

She swims as hard as she can so she can look for food and shelter.

She says to her babies “don`t go too far!”

She comes out on a full moon and does not come out any other times!

So don’t  think that you will see her unless you are friends


You are lots of things

You are lots of things

You are the impossibility of dark matter

You are the sound of birds singing and waves crashing

You are the light shining

You are the memory of a lost child inhaling in death

You are are the smell of a hope’s last breath

You are a snail as fast as a Formula 1 racing car

You are the bee’s sting

You are a crow laughing

You are the taste of an out of date date who went on a date, who’s out of date date was the date of 23rd November

You are the sound of a fire crackling

You are the distance between life and death

You are the ding before the ****

You are the angels song

You are tomorrow around the bend

You are this story’s end.

You are the wonder of my eyes

You are an elegant butterfly swimming in the wind.

You are the smell of a fresh Sunday morning.

You are as tall as an oak tree.

You are the impossibility of kayaking down Niagara falls.

You are a feather filled cushion.

You are beautiful.

You run live a salmon leaping up the Tay.

Your imagination is as big as the solar system.

You smell like a summer breeze

You are the sound of waves Crashing.

You are as cute as a panda.