The snakeamander

Chapter 2

We were sitting under the store “what was it like I asked”? She never answered but I had an idea of what it was like because I have see some paintings of the snakeamander. Hours later got up from under the market store and looked around for the snakeamander but we forgot it can camouflage. I shouted “PETER PETER!” But All I heard back was a roar of lightning and the wind nearly blowing me and the girl over and I couldn’t be bothered to ask her what her name was. Suddenly I heard a big splat I looked back and my fruit was all on the floor and the watermelons were splattered all over the floor. Next to the fruit was a big slithery pattern on the floor the girl shouted “it’s hear the snakeamander!” After every on heard her every on was running for the exit  of the market.

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