I have never, But I have…

I have never watched a large group of teenagers jumping to their class in high school,

But I have seen a small group of children skipping to class in Ysgol Llanbrynmair.


I have never talked to the queen of Britain when I was younger,

But I have sang to Prince Charles near the park in Machynlleth.


I have never touched the dry sand in Kenya as people step on it,

But I have felt the dry sand on the beach in Tywyn with my cousin a few weeks ago.


I have never crashed into a rocket flying through space,

But I have ran into a curb on my patterned, precious skateboard.


I have never climbed a tree located in Mali,

But I have been up a tree in the park.


I have never seen a kangaroo jumping up and down,

But I have stared at my dog dancing when the post comes.

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