evacuee letter

Dear Mum,


Thank you for the homemade veggie spaghetti. It kept me right warm, so I ate it on the way to my journey. My journey was excellent and I traveled on a train from Bolton to Wales, a long, tiring trip the train was a steam train. 


I’m staying at the Lake Vyrnwy hotel and spa with Miss Buttercup. She spoils me a lot. I always pray for you and dad to be safe. There was a beach next to the hotel and around the corner is a pier for me and Miss Buttercup. Miss Buttercup hired us a yacht. So we went on and we saw a narwhal pecking out. 


The town was as big as Bolton, where there is a big international harbor near me. We took a boat to liverpool. My school is big and has lots of friends. My favorite subjects are math and english. I like playing football in the courtyard.


 Hope to see you again,  Santino. 


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