Forest Unicorn


There are many different species of the magnificent unicorn and one of the most interesting is the Forest Unicorn. Tales have been told that the Forest Unicorn can  run up to five hundred miles per hour and can do this on any type of ground because of its strong, mighty hooves.

The Forest Unicorn is usually spotted by thorny blackberry bushes in the deepest part of the forest. These blackberry bushes are normally quite overgrown so the unicorn can get shelter. They can also be seen at  handmade huts that children have created  from visits to the forest, they use the places for shelter in bad weather or for hiding from predators. These independent creatures know that when their hooves are wet the magic will wear off and they will not be able to run on any type of ground.The Forest Unicorn, who lives in the deepest part of the forest, has many different secrets and puzzles that have not been discovered about their homes. In the summertime it is nice and warm so the unicorn usually comes out in the bright side of the woods but is still nice and careful so it does not get seen.


If you see a Forest Unicorn you are a very lucky person as they are normally covered in blue and white butterflies called Polyommatus icarus, these butterflies have the same powers as the Forest Unicorn but they can not run across anything but they can fly in any weather without the wind blowing their brittle bodies away! Interestingly, the Forest Unicorn has a beautiful bay coat but a long, grey, silky mane! The wonderful creature wears  a daisy patterned flower crown between its ears all the time to represent that it lives in the forest. The flying Forest Unicorn is a very powerful animal because of its dark black hooves that have real diamonds along the edge of the hoof that hold the power inside. The unicorn once got in a big fight with a deer after hunting and now has a scar that is in the shape of a tree on the side of its body.

Forest Unicorns are reportedly very frightened creatures, if a human or animal approaches it, It will run off bronking and will try to find a protective hiding spot. If you ever come across one you need to slowly walk backwards and place your hand on the scar that looks like a tree, if it glows the unicorn trusts you and it will let you touch it but if it goes a darker brown colour the creature will turn around and curse you for the rest of you life.

The last known sighting of the Forest Unicorn was in 1950 when deforestation started by a traveller across Australia. Many scientists across the world have searched for this unicorn but have found nothing, it has been known that a few people have gone out searching and have never returned. Savannah

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