Letter from WWII

Dear Mum,Thank you for packing my cheese spread butty and my orange juice box. I was right hungry on the trip so I ate them halfway. The journey on the train was right long so I played with Mr Bear  and my dice but the journey on the train was cold, really cold. After what felt like years, I stepped off the train and was really surprised to see luscious green grass and flowers and trees everywhere and the valley by the river at the train station was beautiful.


Anyway, lots and lots of people rushed off the train like a tsunami! There were thousands upon thousands of children of every age, one, five , eleven, sixteen and even seventeen! It was like a market and adults of every size, gender and look came to take children. I was the last child to be chosen but a lovely brown-haired woman walked up to me and smiled. She looks like you!


Now I live with that lovely brown-haired woman. She looks young but she says she’s forty-four. Her name is Miss Calle and she is kind, loving, funny, and lets me have loads of fun! Me and her live in a beautiful small, wooden cottage house surrounded by vegetables, grass, trees, flowers all up on one hill. She lives on her own and she told me that the generation of her family  passed this house on to her and she will be passing it on to younger children and that we could live here when she moves out!


I have my own bedroom in the attic. She painted it yellow. It has lots of toys but the bed is a little bit uncomfortable sometimes. In the back garden there is a farm  which has  some vegetables, pigs and chickens .


The fact that there is beautiful green grass and flowers everywhere makes me happy. There is a small village nearby and the townsfolk are really kind. There are children there too and I always play with them. The items there are really cheap- a tall funny bloke sells a packet of crisps for 5p!


Nearby, is a small village which is called Haling cove. It has a lot of rivers and canals and I’m always allowed  on the boats that circle around the village. The village only has about 28 houses and about 76 people live there. I get a total of sixpence  spending money and more if I behave well. I get less if I misbehave but I’m always allowed to spend money once a week!


I don’t go to school because there is no school in the area but since Miss Calle is smart she homeschools me. I’m taught math, writing and spelling. I don’t know how to spell some words and Miss Calle says my handwriting is beautiful. There is a math question I’m not sure about 43+77 and it’s really confusing.


I do wish I was back with you and I’m worried about dad. He went to war 2 months ago and is fighting in Germany now. If you are able to send a present to dad, please give him a box of chocolates. I’m having lots of fun at my alternative home and I feel free because I am allowed to go to the village on my own. I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again.


Yours, Lucy

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