My letter home.

Dear Mum,

Thanks for the warm croissant mum. I It kept me full for the journey.  I looked out the window and thought about you and dad, also little Johnny.After what felt like decades,I arrived at Cardiff local train station.  It seemed like this place was much more quieter than back in Manchester.I couldn’t hear gun shots or bombs dropping by.It was way better then Manchester.


I was surprised that Mr ****** didn’t take any land in Cardiff,it was such a beautiful place.The train station had so many people in and suddenly a tall kind looking woman took my hand.She greeted me and asked if I was ok,she was really kind after all.  We drove to a big home were there was a lot of flowers.  They let the women park her car then we got out.Oh goodness me the house inside was huge and so pretty.


She showed me my room that was as big as my old house.I had my own bed and my own space where I could play with my dolls.  I sat down on my bed and thought about you and how you were doing,and prayed for dad to be safe and sound and not injured.  The sun was setting and I went downstairs for dinner.We sat down then .  We ate then I told her my name is Lara Johnson.She also said that her name was Katie robensen


Apparently, she was a famous singer and she really wanted a child to look after.Her husband was named Ryan Robbens.  He was very kind.  I smiled at him then went with Katie to get some food. I was an orphan a long time ago and I was happy I have a nice home and family to live with.


The next day,I woke up and got out of bed hoping for a nice day.  I did my normal prayers  for dad and my prayers for you.  Katie told me that I was starting a new private school.  I was surprised because I never went to school because of the war.  I got ready then headed to school.  I saw so many kids walking and the village was so calm.  The birds sang a lullaby and the villagers smiled at me.


  Later on,I arrived at my private school and I walked in.It had a big statue of a man at the front that looked mostly like my dad.It was very different from my other old school I used  to go to when I was young.There were so many new people I met and the work wasn’t that hard.Kids looked at me weirdly like I was some kind of alien and i didn’t like it.This girl named Regina Malisa was very rude to everyone in school just because her dad owned it.School was very nice I had a lot of new friends but not ones like Regina.


I miss you guys so much and I wish I could be there for you right now.Hopefully dad is ok and not hurt.

Love from Lara.

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