The Evacuees

Dear Mum, 


Thank you for the extra pairs of clothes and the hot food that you packed for me because it kept me right warm. It seemed like 100 years since we stayed on the train because everyone was weary. It was very unoccupied in the miniature valley. Once we had arrived at the valley, everyone started to choose which children they wanted to stay with. The maximum number of children was 3 children on each floor. I was the last person to choose but luckily two children wanted to join me on my floor. 


Anyways, I walked into the glowing house. I am staying with a woman who is called  Mrs Chloe in Grasmere. In a 3-storey house there is also a basement so if the children would be naughty they would be sent there with their group. I am at the bottom floor with 2 children who are Michael and Emily. Mrs Chloe sometimes stays on my floor but she also has to go to the other children so that she can see if they are being naughty. 


As I am on the bottom floor the front door always opens up, so that makes me wake up as the owls are hooting. I fall back to sleep but the sound of the cockerel wakes me up. Mrs Chloe keeps the chickens out all night and doesn’t check on them so I have the responsibility to get the eggs every morning. She always keeps a lot of vegetables in the garden so you can’t walk anywhere except the middle. It is always dead in the valley so there would be no cars but there would be people near the gingerbread shop to buy them. After I collect the eggs, Mrs Chloe asks me to put the washing out. She always gives me hot chocolate. 


In the evening, I was going to feed the hens before I went inside. Then, I went in and Mrs Chloe showed me a hamster called William. It also was very unexpected because she hated hamsters. I also think that she is a mind-reader because at tea time Mrs Chloe made rice which you know that I like as I have it every time with you at home. 


Grasmere Olive is a very microscopic village, we got lucky because it was the only 3-storey house there. There is a tiny pathway between my house and the gingerbread shop called Cracked Mystery. This is nothing like home because we would just stay inside and enjoy time with each other. The trees are very green and the fields also are green. I don’t think the people come out because the road is dirty. 


Every morning, Mrs Chloe would send me to school in Grass Street, it was actually a very good school but we had to sing ‘God save the King’. Nearly all of us go there but if they are 1-3 years old they would stay at the house (there wasn’t any age of that in the house). I also try right hard to do my numbers and for my handwriting to be impressive. We do have lunch on the grass and for my lunch I have a sandwich. The boys and girls in this school treated us very well, they taught us how to play games such as hopscotch, jump rope, jacks and marbles. The teachers also hold us behind on a Friday because we get a treat from em. In school we just do one hour of writing and numbers. 


I really hope you and the rest of the mums are doing alright back there and I am also feeling okay here, so don’t be stressed that much now. I also hope my brother is okay. I also want Dad to be alright and soon beat Mr ******* bottom and returns home safely- not injured. Please write back to me soon. 


From your loving daughter


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