Chapter 1- Leaving The Warren

  Chapter 1 – Leaving the Warren 


                                           Finally, they were ready to leave…

That morning, a message had arrived from Sansa, the Queen of the Sanders, saying that they were going to attack that afternoon. The Sanders would devour them! The old volcano, which was their warren, would not stand a chance, that volcano has been there for over one hundred thousand years! Its walls were too crusty to survive an attack from the Sanders. Many lava rabbits had moved away from Lava Warren due to appalling conditions in this area at this time. The Sanders would eat Lava Warren whole!


So it was at that moment that Padkin, Puz and baby Ploz left Lava Warren. Their journey to safety would take at least a month but before they could even get to safety they had to cross Death River and pass Sun Rain Lake and dash through Mushroom Fields and climb over the walls of Invisibility to reach Center Warren. Even the Sanders cannot enter this mighty 

Warren. Once they reached their destination, they would be safe with the other fierce rabbits. Other rabbits chose to go elsewhere but their mother gave them an ancient map that showed old paths that only rabbits from thousands of Carrotsuppers ago knew about.


Clutching the old, crusty map, the group of brave little rabbits rowed across the Death River of Darkheart Warren. Soon they arrived, at Sun Rain Lake the little rabbits hoped this would mean safety. Strands of weed grabbed onto the boat,almost pulling it down. Nervously, Padkin took the oars and rowed the boat cautiously. Gripping onto the oars, he was about to complain about rowing but he did not have the energy. Wherever he looked, all he saw was fog. He imagined the sharp pillars of sand, glowing eyes of wolves and the Sanders. Suddenly, he heard a quiet scream from behind him; it was Ploz, he saw something that looked like a bird. He was hallucinating and he was seeing things. Padkin then knew that he needed to get Ploz water and fast.


Trailing onto the wrong path, Puz clutches Ploz’s hands, concerned of what lies ahead of them. Puz made a game with Ploz’s hands but soon his hands were as hot as lava, rising out of a volcano. As the waves calmed down, they found a beach and Padkin layed on the warm sand, buried amongst the leaves and thin twigs, that gave him an idea! They could use all the resources to set up camp there. So they did exactly that. Prizing themselves towards twigs they soon had a cozy den to sleep under, and a small fire to warm up at.


Later that night, they ate slices of pineapple, rice cakes and nibbled on thin carrot sticks and cheese their mother had packed them. Ploz was soon asleep, snugged up against Puz. Carefully, Padkin put more wood on the dying fire, hoping it would make it warmer for them.


As Padkin drifted into sleep, his mind swirled with images of his parents, who were probably captured by the Sanders. He stopped thinking of this because it made him mad and upset.
Would they ever reach Center Warren alive? 

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