Chapter 1 – Leaving the Warren

That morning an alarm suddenly rang to say that the glorm was a few miles away. Hilly warren would not survive. The Warren was built many years ago. No rabbit would survive.


So it was up to three rabbits Potxkin Bosko and baby prune left home. Their journey to safety would take at least 48 hours but first they have to pass through an abandoned cave forest of night and icy mountains to reach mountain waren. Not even the glory could break into it. They used a piece of paper to find it.


Clutching the paper the little band of rabbits struggled to see in the cave soon they will be in the forest winding their way to what they hoped would mean safety. Before they reached the forest they felt tired so they went in between the rocks to rest.


That night they ate slices of dried apple pear and sandwiches that their mother packed for them. Baby Prune was the first to fall asleep snuggled in between his brother and sister. Quietly Potxkin laid a rock at the entrance hoping it would be enough for no one to see them. 


As Potxkin fell asleep his mind swirled with dreams of the metallic of the Glort moving through the dark like a wolf looking for its Prey. Would they be able to see their parents again?

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