Chapter 1 – Leaving the Warren 

Chapter 1 – Leaving the Warren 

At noon, there was one message that arrived from a bird-carrier, named Flame, saying that a few miles away from the Steepwater Warren and the location, Castle Purple, there was the Gorm. If people go to the Gorm, they will not be safe, they will be unsafe. The old warren’s tunnels were built many, in the day of Bramblemas ago and then, they were very rickety.

So there were the three rabbits, Podkin, Pook, and Paz that left home. What their journey was, is some safety, which will take about 1 week. But what they have to do first, is to pass the forest that has the trees of ghosts and cross the Siren Castle until they reach the little caves of Holm. 

As they were clutching the map that’s really ancient, the little rabbits were in the water of Lake River. Eventually, they were finally at the forest, with ghosts that were on the trees. The three little rabbits need safety. The ghosts were looking at Podkin and the other rabbits. 

Astonished, not the other rabbits but Podkin felt the air of spirits. Podkin thinks about what the air is coming from. Podkin knows that it’s coming from the forest but he even noticed that it was coming from the microscopic ghosts. Nevertheless, Podkin already told the other rabbits about the two airs. What is more, is that the ghosts continue their airs while its sunny winds fade while the spirits air continues.

Now, Pook, Pazz, and Podkin go to sleep. 

How will they escape when they wake up?  


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