Rushan Shah,  couldn’t stop thinking about his friend, Aaban Khan who was separated from him Rushan was an evacuee but Aaban didn’t go to the same place as Rushan. Rushan and Aaban have a difficult time as evacuees.Rushan couldn’t stop thinking about Aaban.


Since Rushan couldn’t stop thinking about Aaban, he went to school to calm his nerves. The school was like a prison,he had a rough time there. Rushan had learned  about math and English and Aaban was learning how to write. Rushan’s teacher’s name was Gavin, and Gavin keeps the children safe from the war. Gavin gave a minced beef sandwich to the children. Rushan liked minced beef sandwiches. Aaban didn’t get the same sandwich as Rushan. He got a piece of turkey leg on his sandwich.


Later that day, Rushan wrote a letter to Aaban, but Aaban didn’t reply to Rushan’s message. Rushan felt worried and scared, he  might have thought that Aaban was dead. Rushan calms his nerves by eating another minced beef sandwich.


The next day a German military truck came with captured people inside. What Rushan saw from the military truck made his feelings upset and angry. He  saw that Aaban got captured by the German truck. We were all hiding to make sure that we didn’t  get captured too!





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