When the sky falls Chapter 1

Tia Smith had not wanted to leave her Sister and Mum . She stared out of the delicate glass window that is 2 storey tall across and saw a hill that had lots of pretty flowers. Her favorite flower was the roses she tears up, the crystal clear tear slowly goes down her soft rosy pink cheek .


Her  first day of school was very confusing .The teacher was a kind and gentle lady called Charlotte .  Soon she realized that Tia is a very fidgety little girl . She was sitting on the board when she moved near Miss Charlotte.Where the teacher could hear Tia read ,Miss Charlotte would make her write hard words like ferocious. The minute the school bell rang, she zoomed like a rocket going to Mars .


The days turned to two weeks and Tia started to feel more comfortable .She spent her time feeding the horses, planting and reading plant and animal books from Miss Emma’s library.


Outside ,there is there is  sweet, juicy red raspberry tree that you can use to make  

delicious raspberry tarts ,raspberry jam and we have a durian that is rare .Inside , the home is covered in old spiderweb, the spider’s shell curls up in a little ball and inside the floor creaks as you step on the ancient, wooden floor.


Early in the morning ,Tia wakes by the sound of the old, rusty, metal gate closing with a clang . Each morning , tia spies on Emma and wondering what she is doing she wonders day and night what she might be doing . One morning Tia’s patients grew smaller and smaller. She could not stand the mystery any longer. Once she left, Tia quickly put on her dressing coat and managed to squeeze through the gate that was locked. When we reached the woods she could not believe her eyes. She saw Emma feeding her secret… A baby monkey  .


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