When the sky falls Chapter 1

Adison May had not wanted to leave her family. She glanced out of the living room window, with a tear racing down her face and it fell on to the window, she was looking at the willow trees. She met a girl called Anna, she is lovely and they quickly became best friends. 


Her first day of school was days away now. The teacher was a gentle elder lady called Miss Diannah. Miss Diannah noticed that Adison was very fidgety and she talked to her friends all the time and turned around and Adison was moved to the front of the class and Anna was writing the alphabet  multiple times. As the bell rang , Anna ran really fast to her home. 


The days turned into weeks and Adison started to feel more welcome. She spent days giving people a new sharpened pencil, collecting dirty clothes at the landing and helping Wendy put seeds out in the backyard. Outside, the wind passes by and the snow sprinkles softly across the town. Inside, the fire flickers fastly trying to stay lit and the bathroom bubbles badly in the bathtub.  


Each day, Wendy chucked her things on and started to walk to this place behind the house. Addison was looking out her window to see what was happening. One night, she had enough! She wanted to investigate what was happening. She put her slippery, soft slippers on and her night coat. She tiptoed to the place behind the house. It looks like a forest because it looks very messy. Before Wendy saw her, she chucked herself into a bush. Wendy started to speak to an animal and she fed it seeds. Addison didn’t have a good view of it. She didn’t see the animal. The animal made a bird sound. It looked brown from where Addison hid, crouched behind a bush. Slowly, she moved closer to get a better view of it. It made a coo coo sound, she blinked over and over. She couldn’t believe her eyes…. IT WAS AN EAGLE!

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