The dodo bird. By Lily.


The dodo bird.


Chapter 2


The dodo bird stared up at Mira. Its fur as hairy as a gorilla’s tummy, its legs tall like a giraffe’s neck, meandering upwards trying to reach that apple, his eyes staring into her soul as if she’d done something really bad. With every move he takes, Mira heards the claws scratching along the concrete, like a finger scraping on a chalkboard.


To Mira’s surprise, the bird crouched down, and his tongue stuck out and you could see the blue pimples sitting there, helpless. Mira felt a wave of bravery and took a few steps forward to lie near the bird. The bird nestled into her and began to snore. Mira was amazed.


“He certainly likes you, I can tell!” Mrs Sperling smiled, as Mira stood up to gaze at the surroundings. The bird stood up, stretched and flew away. “Let’s go back Mira.” On their way back, the branches creaked, the leaves swaying and the wind whistled somewhat faraway… The lamplight glimmered on the pathway making a pool of light appear in front of them. Mira was staring at the bushes, the berries hanging off them and for a brief millisecond she thought she saw the bright blue eyes of the dodo bird!


“He’ll be watching you, all the time. They always do,” whispered Mrs Sperling. “I was the one that found him and fed him. Well, that was a few years ago, she was only a baby then. I found her in the summer, on the beach. I took him to my house and looked after him for months. But she started to be a bit noisy, so he had to go live with the others.” Mira listened with curiosity, keen to know more about the dodo’s life. “But, they’re really rare now, we need to keep him a secret, otherwise, who knows what they’d do to her…”


That evening was incredibly fascinating for Mira, she lay in bed, unable to get to sleep because she was too busy thinking about her new best friend! She was thinking about his eyes staring deep into her soul and him curling up into her.


Mira missed the dodo bird too much, so she decided to get out of bed and feed the dodo bird any scraps of rubbish she could find in the bin. Mira would help him get to sleep as well, if he was struggling like her.


The dodo bird loved it when Mira fed him, she knew that, as she had done it many times before. 


Over the weeks, since Mira had met him, Mrs Sperling would watch through the window, seeing her run down the road with bags of scraps and she soon learnt that the dodo bird was the one thing that made Mira happy!


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