Lucky Lake?

Lucky Lake?

Now that it was day, Pola and Hopkin could see more clearly. They had slept under a great big oak tree. It stretched upwards, it’s golden coloured trunk as wide as them. They decided to have breakfast, they crushed some wild berries and spread it across a slice of bread, and they drank from a nearby stream. Hopkin had heard that if you tickle a fish on its belly, it goes into a kind of daydream and then you can just grab them out of the water. Hopkin tried it. He caught one! It was a small brown trout. They decided to save it for lunch.


With their bellies full, they were about to set off, when suddenly the ghost of their father appeared before them. He warned them that The Stag was less than 3 minutes away, and if they want to live, they should have to move quickly. Pola said ‘’Here we go again.’’


They hopped till they could hop no more, their hearts pounding inside their chests. They came to a sign that said Lucky Lake. They wondered what was so lucky about this lake. As they hopped around the corner, they saw the most beautiful lake they had ever seen and decided to stay there a while.  As they huddled to keep warm, out of the corner of his eye Hopkin saw a flint and steel, this would be perfect to create fire. He couldn’t believe his luck ‘’Wow this place really is lucky!’ he exclaimed.  He looked on. He could see 2 swimming costumes and a kayak on the in the distance, he stood gawping at them for a few seconds.  ‘’What are you waiting for? Pola asked.  Hopkin did not need telling twice. Before even thinking properly they had jumped in.  Excitement took over and The Stag left their minds. All signs of danger flowed from their minds as they splashed and swirled in the dark blue water.

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