chapter 3

Spring was over and the summer flew by like an airplane. Soon Mrs Jaylen’s son Jack started to stay over and soon moved in.The house they were staying in was always warm. It had an old design but the fireplace was really beautiful, but she never let them touch it. His Grandpa’s ashes were on top of the fireplace. She had a collection of candles and she would light every one of them at night. She has one tv that she bought for them. In the house there is a big bathtub. Mrs Jaylen’s room was very big. It also has a big desk.


At night, they would go outside so Jack could talk to his ghost friends. He told her that when you have a tear of a mother and a sister it would make him seeable again to everyone. He was a bit upset because hunters tried catching them and that’s why their mother would not tell anyone and also they would have locked her up as well. She was a bit concerned about it but there’s nothing I can do. We love doing things together like reading, gossiping and lots more. They were best friends.


One day mother was out and they were watching a movie and there was a knock. They thought it was mother so Jack opened it and there was her friend from school and she had seen him. She looked at him and ran crying and screaming. She couldn’t believe it. Her mum was a blabber mouth so that meant the secret was out…


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