The Evacuee Henry SWW

The summer holidays stretched along like an arm reaching for chocolate. Day after day, Max would dawdle along the pavement until he was called in for tea. Mrs Mary was always grumpy, as if she woke up at 2 am every morning. Within days, it was like the trees, the fields, and nature had submerged into the soggy ground, and towers of glass had erupted. Rubble was strewn over the floor; plastering the road, as Max wandered grumpily through the streets. A ripple of smoke billowed into the air, leaving Max spluttering and coughing.

During the aching nights, Max ventured to the woods, were their pet snow leopard roamed-Alexa. Max always fed Alexa for tea a breakfast; sometimes she hunts herself, and come back with rabbits down HER muzzle. Sometimes, Max even got to ride on her back; feel the stars, stroke the sun , and pluck the moon from the dark abyss of swallowing nothingness. Mrs Mary said, that most years she had to deal with Alexa’s cubs, and that is a lot of hard work.

The reason Mrs Mary has the snow leopard is, snow leopards are very endangered animals from poacher: their fur coat is worth many coins. In the daytime, Alexa sleeps in her under-grove, waiting for night to come.

Max watched Alexa sleep – desperate to wake her up. Devastated by the news he had received, he solemnly roamed the woods. Last night, their had been a sighting of Alexa- by Max’s Head teacher. Wanting to cry out, he remembered what dad had said before he left,’ Us Woods need to show our emotions, if you don’t you will just become angrier and more sad.’

The news said, she was a dangerous animal and a threat to humanity: it was an endangered animal and needed to be kept by the zoo. Max and Mr Mary both knew that she was a rare creature, but did not need to be kept by the zoo, she was theirs.

That night, Mary and Max discussed their ideas at tea time. It was mostly Mrs Mary’s ideas, but Max was still involved. “I reckon we should try and persuade the government not to; on the other hand, they are as tough as rocks to break.” suggested Max. Maybe we could hide her or disguise her as something else- she is pretty small to be fair. This conversation went on forever that night- but they finally decided to hide her.

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