The Preparation for blood shed Chapter 4

Chapter three 

The spirit relm was full of demons and monster I had never seen before we ascended into the shadows and found the village we weren’t ready we were just here for a quick recon on their troops and defences before we do the battle of a life time there were two spirit guards at the front of the village they must have been corrupted by the demons but before we could go we met are first villain. 


Nora the illusion demon she said how “pathetic the dojo sent more people to be corrupted” then she glanced round us and looked at my sword and said “oh a descendant of the dragons this will be fun” and so she sent out two demons who were shot by the arrows then they turned to dust then she sent out five flying demons cut with one slice of my sword.


Then she sent illusions of here self-ten twenty there were to many we were overwhelmed by them but then I Rember what father told me that illusions don’t have shadows so we all looked under the Nora illusions and finally found one with the shadow so then with a mighty swipe of my sword she was cut in half with a mighty swipe of my sword she was cut in half hopefully gone forever..



After that close defeat we went back to the train after everybody got on the doors closed and the train conductor said suicide what did I tell you after we were back at the dojo everybody went to the medical bay to get healed up after that I told Hanzo what had happened we needed to train more now that they know that we were descendants of the great dragons and so Hanzo said ” your father wanted me to show you this and we went into my dad’s room and. 


He took a box from under the other bead in the dorm blew it and then opened it was my own longsword, shuriken’s, dagger and armour and I put it on and went to train in it, it had so much cool abilities it could do I trained all afternoon and morning and then said I’m ready.

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