When the world falls SWW

When the world falls Chapter 3 Discovered.

The summer is like an ice-cream when it melts, except it always dissolves too fast. Every day Violet and Charlotte go to see Lula and Kittie and ride them through the fields, the wind blowing through their hair.
Sometimes they helped Miss Cherry with the farming. They had jobs during the summer holidays which included ice-cream selling and babysitting. They got payed a sixpence an hour each! (Or more!) Violet and Charlotte usually spent this on sweets, but sometimes bought some meat from the butchers for Lula and Kittie. Week after week passed, and soon the familiar hustle bustle of the city became replaced by the sounds of the country.

Their favourite thing to do was to spend time with Kittie and Lula and the rest of the wildcats and leopards.
They rode very far before they gave Lula and Kittie their meat, otherwise a pack of leopards and wildcats would have come running. As they ate, the twins marvelled at Lula and Kittie’s sapphire eyes, and their fur that glinted in the sunlight.

One day they were riding Lulu and Kitty, when they saw the newspaper reporter in the clearing – where the Leopard and wild cats were! They rushed inside and saw him taking pictures. Charlotte draggred him out the clearing, and they saw him rush off. They told Miss Cherry, grabbed some sticks, and make their way to the clearing.

The newspaper reporter was well aware of the sticks they were brandishing, but all he did was find the Leopards and wild cats and give them a stroke. Stunned Miss Cherry, Violet and Charlotte drop the sticks.

They talk to Miss Cherry about making the shelter public, and she says yes! It takes a while but when it is done everyone visits very often, and they donate every time they come, and visit Miss Cherry still keeps a secret storage of branches-just in case.

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