Chapter 4 -Escaping Terrors

Chapter 3 Death awaits 

As Hopkin and Pola were splashing in the dark blue waters, they had not seen The Stag watching from the shore. The Stag’s red eyes were flashing, he was hungry. He shook his horns angrily and walked off. He was watching, waiting for the perfect moment to strike… 


As Hopkin was swimming in the lake [ Pola was in the kayak], something or someone grabbed Hopkins’ ankle. It was pulling him down. He tried screaming out for help, but Pola was too far away to hear him. He was going under, and fast. Pola said ‘’ This place is just lovely, isn’t it Hopkin?’’ No answer. ’Hopkin, Hopkin, answer me, where are you Hopkin? Oh, please Hopkin stop, you are scaring me!’ At that moment she saw something extremely fast swimming under the kayak. A hand suddenly grabbed her arm.  


She was in the cold of the lake before she could open her mouth to scream. All you could see on the lake now was an empty kayak and a few ripples on the water. It was very spooky. Under the water Hopkin could see what was grabbing him. It was the hand of … a mermaid. But not the kind of mermaids that little girls love, it was the kind of mermaid that sends several chills down your spine. It was covered in horrible colored scales; they were so horrible that you cannot describe them. Its face was like something out of a horror movie. Its hair was not the beautiful flowing silky hair of normal mermaids. It looked like slimy, rotten weeds. The mermaid was pulling Hopkin and Pola down, down to an underwater cave. But now they were inside the cave the mermaids were pulling them up. Pola and Hopkin could see The Stag from under the water. There was a kind of magic around The Stag, so the water couldn’t get to him. The mermaids pushed the little wallabies into the dome around The Stag.  


The Stag said ‘’Now what do we have here? Two little wallabies? What are you doing here’’ He hissed. Hopkin tried to break free of The Stag. ‘’Going somewhere? Going nowhere, I think. Would you like to join me for supper? It is roasted wallabies. Delicious. Now, what are we going to do with you?’ As The Stag went on, Hopkin closed his eyes, ready to die… 

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