Chapter 4 -Fight

Chapter 4 -Fight 


Hopkin turned around and out of the corner of his eyes, saw an odd thing. It was a mirror, it looked ancient, with gold patterns on the rim of the mirror. The Stag turned around and hissed to the mirror ‘Tell me your secrets, tell me, how do I get the stone of life?’ To Hopkins’ amazement, the mirror replied, ‘I will never tell you my secrets!’ The Stag shouted ‘You fool! You blithering idiot!’ The words echoed around the cave. He grabbed a stone from the cave floor and threw it with all his strength at the mirror, the stone bounced off the mirror. There was no damage on it. The Stag grabbed Hopkin and dragged him in front of the mirror. Pola managed to scratch through the magical dome and started to swim away. The dome repaired itself before any water could gush in. The horror mermaids started to chase her, but The Stag said in mermaid language [mermish] ‘Leave her alone, we do not need her. I only need the boy.’ The Stag carried on. ‘Now, tell me, how do you get the stone of life?’ Hopkin stared into the mirror. It seemed normal, but then Hopkin’s reflection pulled a blood red stone out of his pocket, showed it to Hopkin, then the reflection put it back in his pocket. Just then, the real Hopkin felt something heavy fall into his pocket. He put his hand into it and felt a jagged stone. It was the stone of life. 

Just then, the dome exploded and in came Pola and the ghost of their father, armed with weapons. The ghost pulled out two silver swords out of thin air and gave them to Hopkin and Pola. Then, he pulled out another silver sword out of thin air and started to fight. Wisps of fire and smoke flew everywhere. The horror mermaids tried to fight, but they hadn’t any weapons to fight with. The ghost of their father magically summoned a big, multi layered iron wall around The Stag. Their father handed them a teleporter and told them ‘Get to rickety bridge, your cousins and Uncles and Aunts are there. After you cross the bridge, I will break the bridge so no one can get in without killing themselves. Your cousins, Aunts and Uncles will transport you to a safe place, where there is strong magic that prevents The Stag from entering.’ ‘Go my darlings. Oh, I nearly forgot, there is a surprise waiting on beautiful beach, so go there instead of going to the bridge directly. Then go to vacant village. You will have to do some work there.’ He kissed them on the forehead and then pressed a small red button. Pola and Hopkin felt like they were being squeezed, everything was a whirl of color. Hopkin felt very dizzy and passed out. Pola was starting to lose consciousness as well. Then, as suddenly as it had started, the squeezing stopped. Pola saw Hopkin lying unconscious on the floor. She limped over to him and put her hand to his chest. There was no pulse… 

She started doing rapid CPR on him, but It was no use. He was already dead. She felt her eyes beginning to close. Then everything went black. She was unconscious again. She spent the next few days drifting in and out of consciousness. 

 One day she sat up and she was very weak. She thought she saw her mother bent over Hopkin, giving him some water. They were alive! Happiness flowed into her body. But then she fell into a deep sleep. She woke up and sat up. Her mother poured some water into her mouth and gave her some soup. The soup was warm and filled her with hope. For a few days, her mother nursed her back to health. Then one day she could stand up, walk and run. She ran to her mother and hugged her, and Hopkin joined in. Tears of happiness streamed down their faces with the joy of being together again. Then they had breakfast together, and Pola could see where they were. They were on a beautiful beach, with golden sands and blue rippling waters. She realized they were still wearing their swimsuits from Lucky Lake. She so dearly wanted to jump in and swim to her heart’s content, but then she remembered Lucky Lake. How beautiful it was, but it was all a trick. But just as if her mother had read her mind she said ‘Don’t worry, it’s not like Lucky Lake, it’s completely safe. You and Hopkin can go and swim if you like.’ Pola completely trusted her mother and told Hopkin ‘Come on, let’s go!’ They jumped in. The stone of life fell out of Hopkin’s pocket. It slowly sunk down to the sea floor, and it landed on a rock where it smashed into smithereens. 

 When they had had enough swimming, they went back to their mother where she was packing up ready to go to the vacant village. Vacant village was an abandoned village protected by the mountains of Scotland. They pressed the red button together. But none of them became unconscious as they knew what to expect.  

They arrived in a vacant village. But someone had made a mistake. It was not abandoned at all. It was full of goblins and their horses. There were goblins of all sizes, shapes and colors, and it was the same with the horses. There were black horses, white horses, brown horses, golden brown horses. The place was full of horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys braying, neighing, snorting and nickering. It was not abandoned at all. It was quite a lively place. Mother told the mayor of the goblins ‘We come in peace’ The goblins nodded but wheezed ‘We shall want something in exchange for giving you a place in our houses.’  Mother asked, ‘How about 5 days of food, housekeeping, cleaning and looking after 5 of your horses?’ Pola had the job of looking after the horses and did the cleaning and housekeeping. Mother did the cooking and Hopkin exercised the horses and helped Pola with the housekeeping. The days passed very quickly. After the five days had passed the goblins rewarded them by letting them choose and take one of their horses, as the teleporter broke. Pola chose a pure black horse; Hopkin chose a white stallion and mother chose a golden palomino.  

They started the long journey, they walked up and cantered down the Mega Mountains, galloped across plains and trotted happily through rivers and streams. They eventually reached rickety bridge. They dismounted and led the horse’s steadily over the bridge. They met their cousins, uncles and aunts. They went happily to the safe island and lived a very peaceful life, free of Stags.  





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